Designer Application

If you would like to apply to be a designer for The Makeover Room, please read the rules below and then click on the link that will take you to the application.

The Makeover Room is the only monthly event in Second Life dedicated to skins and makeup. This means that customers attending the event are coming specifically to buy what you are selling! There is no competition with clothing designers, hair designers, shoe designers, furniture designers, etc. In addition, we would like to keep the event small and intimate so that customers get a premium shopping experience.  It is not about quantity.  It is about quality.

The Makeover Room is located in the very heart of the Flawless sim surrounded by twelve main stores. These main stores keep a steady stream of customers coming to the sim. You can find The Makeover Room here.


The Makeover Room Rules:

All Designers will…..

1. Place a LM giver/group joiner for The Makeover Room in their main store in view of the landing point.

2. Set up begining on the 27th of each month and all items must be set up before midnight on the last day of the month. Items will remain in place from the 1st until the 26th of each month. At that time, items will be returned so that the new setup can begin. ***Please remember that Flawless is a PG sim so no nipples or privates can be showing.

3. Place no more than 30 prims in your assigned area in The Makeover Room.
All items must be in your assigned area. Items outside the area will be returned.

4. Make FREE Demos available to potential customers (A demo box does not count toward your prim usage)

5. Scripted vendors such as BSM and Caspervend are permitted. GATCHAS ARE ALLOWED but they must be able to contain a split script as every item for sale must give a 25% commission to TheMakeoverRoom Resident. (Rotating scripts, texture changers or scrollers, and floating texts are not permitted)

**You may place either a group inviter or a subscribo in your area, as well as a landmark giver, but these will count as part of your 30 prims.

6. Price all skins and makeups between 50 – 300L each. You may sell appliers and matching shapes along side of your skins/makeups but they also must be priced between 50 – 300L each. All items in the event must be at least a 20% discount off the normal retail price. You may not sell any of the items at The Makeover Room for a lower price during the time that they are in the event.

7. Place a split script in EVERY ITEM that you have for sale in The Makeover Room. Once you are accepted, a split script will be provided to you to use. Instructions are quite simple and the script is very easy to use. Please notify Kira Paderborn if you wish to use a scripted vendor system instead. The split script will be set up to give 25% to TheMakeoverRoom Resident.

8. VERY IMPORTANT: At least 1 of your items must be EXCLUSIVE. Exclusive items are items that have never been sold by you or given away by you before and are not for sale anywhere else during the duration of the event. It CAN be a recolor of something which you have sold or given away in the past. For example, Create a skin with a new makeup or in a new tone that was not released before. Change the color of a makeup that you have used in the past. Create a makeup pack to go with your skin. Be creative!

9. Not everyone who is invited will be accepted. There are only 20 spots available and there will be a waiting list for anyone who does not receive a spot the first time around. Once you are accepted as a designer for The Makeover Room, you do not need to apply again. You do not have to participate every month but if you do not participate three months in a row, I will assume that you no longer wish to participate and I will remove you from the group. At that point, you would have to re-apply to participate in the next month’s event. Your place in the room will be chosen by you on a first come first served basis. Once you are accepted, you will be invited to come and choose your spot. You will need to turn in a notecard to me each month by the 24th to let me know you will participate in the current round. If I do not receive a notecard from you by this date, your spot will be given to the next person in line. The notecard simply states that you will participate and includes a photo of your exclusive item along with the price.

10. Photos of items that you place in the event should be added to the Flickr group. Please keep the photos PG!

11. You must advertise your items in your groups and subscribo each month that you participate.


DISCLAIMER: Legally sourced templates and materials may be used to make your skins as long as you make them your own. If your items look like straight templates, they will be removed. Also, any items that are not legally sourced will be removed. Any designer with a DMCA filed against them will be excluded from the event. At any time, I have the right to remove your items if there is any question as to the authenticity of the materials used to make them.

The Makeover Room will be a blogged event and items in the event will be placed on The Makeover Room blog. If you have a favorite skin blogger you would like to invite to participate as a blogger for The Makeover Room, please have them fill out the application form on the blog.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Kira Paderborn!
Designers, please fill out the application here:


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